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AA Necklace

AA Necklace | AA Symbol Necklace | AA Symbol

This AA pendant and necklace is made out of a polished and brushed stainless steel as well as the necklace. These do not tarnish or diminish in anyway. I have been wearing one for over 2 years and it looks just as good as the day I put it on. Buy it and get an adjustable 18 to 21 inch chain included for $17.00, regularly $33.00.


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AA International Convention Medallion AA International Convention Medallion | 2015 Atlanta AA International Convention

These sold for $5.00 at the AA International Convention. Get it for $1.50 Now!!!

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AA Medallions | AA Jewelry | Al-Anon Recovery Medallions

Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts | Recovery Gifts

We have people buy presents and have them shipped all over the country for recovery birthday celebrations. We even include the notes they put in the notes to the seller. Surprise your friends with a medallion or with beautiful jewelry for their recovery birthday and we will let them know who it is from for you along with a note. The theme of this website is “Celebrating Recovery Together” and it really is and I get to play a part in people’s recovery. IT was a Divine Inspiration to start this business in 2005.

Celebrate Recovery Together


The road of happy destiny is really trudging together, as we go along our path we mark our time an engraved medallion with your name and recovery date.

Since 2005, we have offered AA Medallions & Al-Anon medallions at the reasonable price of $5.75, which includes your medallion to be engraved.

Alcoholics Anonymous medallions and Al-Anon medallions engraved make a great recovery gift celebrating their recovery birthdays.

Our recovery jewelry has the serenity prayer and come as a dog tag (God tag), a 3D rock slab, heart pendant, cross, coin pendants, and a key chain. We can engrave some of the jewelry.

AA Medallions | Al-Anon Recovery Medallions | AA Jewelry Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts | Recovery Gifts


Recovery Jewelry

AA Medallions | AA Jewelry | Al-Anon Recovery Medallions | Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts | Recovery Gifts

Alcoholics Anonymous | Al-Anon

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Now Carrying Plastic AA Chips

AA Groups Chips | AA Plastic Chips | AA Poker Chips

Celebrate Recovery

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Orders are engraved within 5 - 7 Business Days!


We ship MEDALLIONS to the United States and Countries that is serviced by USPS!